Interesting facts about Linux Hosting

The most popular giant tech Linus is an excavation which enables you to find out the treasure that lies within it.  Linux popularly inspired by the adopted server UNIX. It has several operating factors which include the Giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Amazon and the list goes on.


The adoption level of the Linus is hard to accurate because of its proprietary software which is sourced out from the people to get copies of the myriad and other various estimates. The concept of learning and exploration of things in Linux is very much fascinating and exciting to the user. We must offer thank to the millions of the developer who are contributing their valuable unique knowledge of the Linux to make it reachable and grab a position that it has now.

Few lesser known facts about Linux that you must know

  1. Linux is not an OS, it is basically a Kernel. GNU Linux is the OS, which comes in few hundred flavors.
  2. In 2002, Microsoft has accumulated almost $421 million cost for fighting with the speed of the Linux.
  3. Torvalds made Linux in view of GNU General Public License (GPL). Torvalds would have never composed his own particular Kernel if GPL would have its own driver along with a Kernel.
  4. Real Kernel of today’s Linux portion is mainly composed in C programming dialect and low-level computing constructs with just 2% of today’s kernel that contains code composed by Torvalds.
  5. A Standard Linux Kernel has more than 10 Million lines of code and it develops at the rate of 10% consistently. Around 4500 lines of codes are included and 1500 lines of code are changed regularly. At first in 1991, Linux Kernel version was 0.01 which was discharged with 10239 lines of code.
  6. A person named William Della Croce Jr. enlisted the name Linux and requested sovereignty for utilizing its name and stamp. He even consented to hand over the trademark to Linus in later times.
  7. The Linux bit’s legitimate mascot is a penguin named Tux, truncation of a tuxedo. The possibility is that Linux had a pet penguin that originates from Linus Torvalds himself.
  8. The main business appropriation of GNU/Linux was Yggdrasil and was propelled in CD format in the year 1992. Red Hat was one of the principal appropriations to settle inside the organizations and server farms or data centers in 1999.
  9. Debian was one of the main GNU/Linux. It was constituted and composed of a group of designers. Debian v. 4.0’s source code contains 283 million lines of code, $7.37 billion to anticipated the cost to create that measure of code in a business situation. Debian’s codebase remained as an establishment of different distros, for example, Ubuntu, Knoppix, and Xandros.

10.90% of the world’s most capable supercomputers are utilizing Linux shared web hosting. The Supercomputers also utilize Linux. 33.8% of the world keeps running on Linux servers contrasted with 7.3% running Microsoft Windows working in a specific framework.

The Linux web hosting India has taken a gigantic shape in offering the best services to the masses.


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Why to use Linux reseller hosting?

Reseller hosting is a provision of web hosting services to other companies, that is, it uses it own hard drive space, bandwidth with a number of features like email hosting, site hosting, databases et cetera. Therefore, the reseller is a legitimate hosting provider who sells hosting packages to the customers. This is possibly done for profit earning and to support companies at minimal costing. There are some benefits of reseller hosting that are as follows:

1.Nominal financing is required.

It allows you to purchase disks, cpanels, bandwidth and others at minimal cost which makes it cost effective and productive source of income.

2.Complete technical support is catered.

A proper specialized support is provided to you by the reseller web hosting companies. Therefore, you can focus on your business and leads.

3.Exceptional features.

There are several reseller hosting companies, which may provide you a number of facilities and features, all compatible with the latest technology.

There are two companies who dominate the whole market of hosting; they are Windows and Linux reseller hosting company. Talking about Linux reseller hosting, let’s discuss its advantages.

1.Cost- effective.

It is certainly cheap and in- budget reseller web hosting as in Linux overhead expenses are reduced. It is because Linux does not require the installation of proprietary software. One of the reasons for its affordability is that it is open source technology where users don’t require any extra licensing fees to get the software, providing you with multiple options for hosting.

2.Automatic updates.

RPM software gets updated easily and automatically in case of Linux.

3.Suitable and accessible.

It is best suited for the programmers who do daily practicing, as it allows the users to test new things each new day. There are lots of applications designed for it featuring new and innovative updates to learn.

4.Turning to a new platform is easy.

The only thing one needs to do is just uploading the files on the windows file, in case Linux do not sounds to be efficient. Thus, switching is handy.

Linux reseller hosting is effectual with its adaptable feature. It is compatible with many of the scripting languages as well as software languages.

Over and all Linux is a lot more reliable and secure hosting platforms for the clients. Hence look for the best reseller web hosting company in India to get treated with best services and benefits. is one of the leading companies that cater you with better choices and requirements at the affordable price.


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Benefits From Linux VPS Hosting And Dedicated Server Hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) functions on a technology of providing fixed storage facilities to its users. It provides restricted access to its users that function through a web browser using special software applications to run the site. This innovation has proved to be very popular because of its high speed and security level. Huge files can be downloaded faster and stay intact without being hacked. However, one needs to be extra careful when selecting your hosting provider.


If you select a good Linux VPS hosting India provider you will enjoy a lot of the benefits that the site offers. These benefits include cost, storage, security, reliability and a friendly environment. The most important reason why people choose the Linux hosting company is because there is no license fee involved and hence the cost gets much cheaper.

However, you will have to do a deep research when choosing your VPS hosting company because almost all companies offer the same freebies. If you have a growing business you should take a decision on which plan you like to choose. You should choose a plan that is user friendly so your clients will be happy to visit your site frequently and thus your traffic will become more.

Why Choose Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

The benefits of a Linux dedicated server are many and hence this is the much approved and very popular server hosting platform for many users. The main benefit is its cost effectiveness and versatility. Most users prefer this type of hosting because it is easy to use and since there is no license fee involved, the cost is very less compared to the Windows hosting plans.

Besides these two main features, Linux is an open source site and can be edited by anyone which means the server users can make modifications according to their needs. Linux is reliable, stable and more secure than its counterpart the Windows server. Linux distributions are not used widely by desktop users and hence the spread of malware and viruses to the software application is limited. Furthermore, the Linux designed software is very favorable for IT companies and because it is an open source, it costs very little.

When compared to the Windows dedicated server, the Linux dedicated server is definitely faster, cheaper and stable. This is why most users prefer the Linux server for their business. It not only offers trouble free functioning, it also has very versatile functions.

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Why To Choose Windows Dedicated Servers?

Over years windows operating system has gained a lot of popularity and more than that is best in terms of providing support. Though, it is not necessary that you choose a web host on the basis of the operating system, having made an appropriate choice can surely lead to higher returns.

Especially if you are new in the industry and look forward to make long term profits from the investment, windows dedicated server from a reliable source or company can be an ideal pick for you. Basically because it is more versatile and good to go with if there are prospects of expanding in future.

  • They can help in using and running Microsoft software including MS SQL databases and Access. It also offers the developers to make use of the Microsoft programming base such as Visual Basic Scripts, Active Server Pages (ASP) and MS Index server.
  • Windows dedicated server is appropriate for the websites that are built along the .NET technologies, a software framework that has been developed by Microsoft.
  • It also supports other Microsoft tools such as Visual Interdev and FrontPage and remember that only windows dedicated servers can support these tools developed by Microsoft.
  • Furthermore, it is not the only access available to the windows dedicated servers. Another service offered exclusively to it is the SharePoint, a service developed by Microsoft for information sharing and similar usage.
  • Lastly, the acceptability of the services provided by Microsoft is not hidden from anyone. Though, it is slightly high in cost still the Microsoft files are adaptable all around the universe. This is why the ones looking to acquire MS Office services on their server have to opt for a server based on windows operating system.

It would not be feasible to compare Windows dedicated server hosting with other options like Linux. As both offer distinctive features and support in their specific area. But one of the evident facts is that it is only option if you are looking to make use of the Microsoft services.

Few other important aspects of using the web hosting services for windows are cost, ease of use and security. Windows might not be as cheap as Linux because it is a licensed service and requires some sort of fees for usage. On the other hand Linux is free source of application and can be availed for almost free of cost.

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