Checklist To See If You Are Choosing The Right Web Hosting Service

When you want to post a website or web page onto the Internet you will require the service of Web hosting. It is a business that provides the technologies and services which you require for your website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. The other option is to start your own web hosting business.


In that case, try a Linux reseller hosting account. In the current hosting scenario reseller hosting is doing extremely well, especially Linux reseller hosting company. A number of reasons make it one of the best Web Hosting Service India.

What you need to look for when you start

The three very important factors are security, support, and speed. You need the ability to rapidly scale your website as your target audience grows. Of course, if you are just getting started with a small business you need to look into what is affordable and there are several to choose from.

Expert advice

When you are choosing a hosting provider or doing your own business with Linux reseller hosting company take the advice of experts. Along with this ask yourself about how much hand-holding you’ll need. Be aware that:

  • Basic customer service will give you access to email, ticket and phone support.
  • The Turnaround time on requests will vary.
  • Some service providers may offer 24-hour phone support.
  • However, it won’t be your systems manager.

You need to consider managed service if you are thinking in terms of delegating complete management of your site. They will make sure

  • Your system is configured properly for your load
  • Check on security issues
  • Handle your software as needed
  • Handle backups among other tasks.

What else to look for

  • If you are planning to only serve a few pages to a few local customers, you are safe. However if you are building a site that will stress low-end shared servers, go to a dedicated or cloud-based server.
  • Remember that the cheapest hosting is available on shared servers, but will limit your access to the server’s capabilities.
  • If you are not comfortable to share performance and have system management skills then go for a dedicated server.
  • Some hosting providers may offer you unlimited storage and bandwidth for a few dollars a month. Be careful as the deal may not be what it seems to be.
  • Make sure your site is not locked to any particular host and you have a backup practice.
  • Own your domain name as this gives you the freedom to change providers if needed.

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About HostJinni

We are the web hosting Company in India.We offer Windows Web Hosting, Linux web Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting Services at affordable rates.
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