Benefits From Linux VPS Hosting And Dedicated Server Hosting

Virtual private server (VPS) functions on a technology of providing fixed storage facilities to its users. It provides restricted access to its users that function through a web browser using special software applications to run the site. This innovation has proved to be very popular because of its high speed and security level. Huge files can be downloaded faster and stay intact without being hacked. However, one needs to be extra careful when selecting your hosting provider.


If you select a good Linux VPS hosting India provider you will enjoy a lot of the benefits that the site offers. These benefits include cost, storage, security, reliability and a friendly environment. The most important reason why people choose the Linux hosting company is because there is no license fee involved and hence the cost gets much cheaper.

However, you will have to do a deep research when choosing your VPS hosting company because almost all companies offer the same freebies. If you have a growing business you should take a decision on which plan you like to choose. You should choose a plan that is user friendly so your clients will be happy to visit your site frequently and thus your traffic will become more.

Why Choose Linux Dedicated Server Hosting

The benefits of a Linux dedicated server are many and hence this is the much approved and very popular server hosting platform for many users. The main benefit is its cost effectiveness and versatility. Most users prefer this type of hosting because it is easy to use and since there is no license fee involved, the cost is very less compared to the Windows hosting plans.

Besides these two main features, Linux is an open source site and can be edited by anyone which means the server users can make modifications according to their needs. Linux is reliable, stable and more secure than its counterpart the Windows server. Linux distributions are not used widely by desktop users and hence the spread of malware and viruses to the software application is limited. Furthermore, the Linux designed software is very favorable for IT companies and because it is an open source, it costs very little.

When compared to the Windows dedicated server, the Linux dedicated server is definitely faster, cheaper and stable. This is why most users prefer the Linux server for their business. It not only offers trouble free functioning, it also has very versatile functions.


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