Latest Considerations about Shared Web Hosting

Web hosting has become a big affair due to cost savings and process efficiencies it brings along. In this multiple websites with unique domain names being served by the same service provider. Shared hosting is being provided by most providers for users looking for more of a presence on the web. Thus, it does not support very high traffic.

The choice of shared web hosting service depends on many requisites and some of them are:

  • Platform:The platform must be carefully chosen. The options for servers currently are Linux, UNIX or Windows. However, the type of server becomes critical only when the website provides dynamic pages and various database functions.
  • Language: used for scripting of the web content determining browser visibility of content is key. While PHP has no limitations, ASP.Net will support only windows.
  • Security:
    In the times of incessant malware and cyber-attacks, security is a major consideration. This will involve customer private information secure. It will be advisable to check the kind of encryption used in the business and web host server or that between the server and the users as such. An easy check is whether passwords are being stored in simple formats.



  • Bandwidth:
    This basically refers to the data flow which the website will be experiencing. Hence, an idea must be made of the expected amount of traffic to the website and consequently bandwidth must be made. Further, consideration must always be given whether users will be doing and data share in the form of downloads and uploads.
  • Server performance:
    Linux servers popularly serve better than Windows due to higher capacity. However, Windows servers have their own benefits. Hence, the choice of a server is important.

Windows Shared Web Hosting is very popular due to the very helpful Plesk control panel feature. The high number of sub domains and better uptime and flexibility make Windows as a very attractive shared web hosting option.


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We are the web hosting Company in India.We offer Windows Web Hosting, Linux web Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting Services at affordable rates.
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