How windows shared hosting can help small businesses?

Windows shared hosting is the best solution for small business. The ceaseless reach of Internet has lured most of the businessmen to use windows shared hosting as a powerful medium for the promotion of their sales of products and services. And this method has substantially increased their number of sales and services. Windows is the most popular operating system, which is used worldwide and has captured most of the world’s computer market, and it has made windows hosting in demand widely. This web service is compatible with both the dedicated and shared hosting servers.

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Windows shared hosting has become highly affordable, worthy and reliable due to simple and user-friendly nature of Windows. Sites which are created using Microsoft applications and scripts can be hosted only on Widows servers. Shared web servers host small and medium enterprises, whereas dedicated servers are best for large organizations.

In order to be on the World Wide Web, dedicated server or shared web server is required for enterprises. But shared web hosting is economical and a better choice for firms having a limited budget to spend on hosting, than dedicated web hosting.

Shared hosting done on Windows platform is a web hosting service where one single server is used by many websites. The web server is divided into different parts. Every website occupies one part each so that they can be kept separate from other websites. The website owner or many users share the maintenance or the web server, therefore, a system admin is very important and a must requirement for its proper maintenance.

Windows Shared Hosting is done by advanced web-based control systems like cPanel, Plesk, DirecAdmin, H-sphere, and Interworx. There are several companies around the world engaged in web services with different types of hosting packages.

The complete plan offered by them includes –

Installing server on Windows OS.
Regular security updates.
Managing Servers.
24*7 Technical Support.

The advantages of Windows Shared Hosting are very cost-effective and highly reliable. Email servers are provided with enough resources to meet requirements of professional websites, who get restricted within a time period. Space on these web servers can be increased according to the requirements of the users, due to the scalable feature.

One of the best Windows Shared Hosting company is Host Jinni. They provide with a platform which takes the business of its users completely online, with their easily affordable plans. They also provide Linux Shared Web Hosting and Linux Dedicated Server Hosting.


About HostJinni

We are the web hosting Company in India.We offer Windows Web Hosting, Linux web Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting Services at affordable rates.
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