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India is a hub of web hosting companies. You can visit multiple web hosting companies here.But questions arise here that how to find a perfect web hosting company who give you 100% trustable and relieable web hosting services. Top Web hosting companies apart from providing space on a server, also provides website building tools, control options and renowned customer support. With scores of web host companies striving to get your attention, these following features of a good host company will help you to pick the appropriate web hosting company. There are some important benefits of a best web hosting company who provides you trust-able web hosting services.

Benefits of A Reliable Web Hosting Company:

Website Builder: A good web host company provides you with modern tools, templates to help you fabricate a sleek website with drag-and-drop functionality features.

Control panel: A good control panel should have optimum search engines, logs and tools for accurate governance of the web site.

Shopping carts: You should be provided with competent e-commerce tools which will help you in selling your product on the web.

Unlimited mailboxes: The best hosting services allow you to create unlimited mailboxes especially important if every one of your employees has an individual email address.

Installs application: The best Web hosts allow you to install Web apps with a single click. 24/7 tech support: Great web hosting providers also offer round-the-clock tech support to fix all problems, so that you can efficiently run your business.

How to Choose a Free Web Hosting  Services:

There are some points which focuses that how you will choose a free web hosting services-

Amount of web space: Ascertain the amount of web space assigned to you. Usually about 5 MB space is utilized. Anticipating future expansion, ask accordingly.

FTP access: FTP is used to transfer web pages and other files from computer to their web host’s computer and is a mandatory feature to be provided.

Reliability and speed of access: Your site should be always be running and should have rapid access.

Assignment of bandwidth: Many web hosts levy restrictions on the traffic usage of your website per day. 1-3GB traffic per month for a initial set up is sufficient.

Reliability, support and speed of access: A good web host should be dependable, should provide high speed of access and guarantee 99% uptime and 24/7 technical support.

Data Transfer (Traffic/Bandwidth) And Disk Space: Check the disk space given. No company will provide unlimited disk space or bandwidth. Checking details for the amount of traffic allowed by the package is mandatory.

SSL (secure server layer) : A good web host will provide you with a certified SSL ( a protected, secure server). This is particularly helping while selling services or items through website.

Thus you can see a good web hosting company like Host Jinni. We are present in market since 20 years. We provide you with everything needed to start your website like a free domain name of your choice, SSL certificate, powerful tools, security features like c Panel, Malware scanning, Phishing alerts etc. which are just a few, among others. We offers you linux and Windows 2008 VPS hosting services. Thus no need to worry about your website anymore. This company will take care of all your needs.Where you can choose your Commercial Web Hosting


About HostJinni

We are the web hosting Company in India.We offer Windows Web Hosting, Linux web Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting Services at affordable rates.
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