Windows Shared Vs Windows Dedicated Hosting Server

Are you confused between Windows shared hosting server and the dedicated one? The choice is completely yours but before opting for the shared or dedicated hosting server, you must have a proper idea about the two. A thorough research of the two kinds of server of Windows is sure to make you understand the requirement of your business. To make things easier here is a list of differences between the Windows dedicated hosting and Windows shared hosting server.

  • Control over the Server: The dedicated server offers more control to the users as the users can add applications, scripts and programs of your choice. Whereas in a shared hosting there are limitations. You have to use the limited resources that are provided by the provider. With dedicated one, you have improved flexibility along with almost 100% security.


  • Technical Skills: Opting for a dedicated server means you need webmaster skills to set up the infrastructure. You also need to administer and manage your own server. On the other hand, with shared hosting, you hardly require technical skills as everything is managed by the hosting provider.


  • Hosted Sites and Bandwidth: Opting for shared hosting package means that you are not the only site on the server. There are different other sites on the server along with you. You are the only site on the server if you have opted for Windows dedicated hosting plan. The complete bandwidth and disk space is for you on the dedicated server and you do not have to think about the space limit. Shared hosting offers a limited disk space as the same server is shared by many. As you are sharing the same resources, a lot of traffic can make the server slow and thus affect the server performance in the shared hosting. You would never face such kind of problem with the dedicated server.


  • Security: In shared hosting, the security is the concern of the provider. They install server security applications and firewalls. On the other, dedicated server is your responsibility. You have to take care of the security issues. The positive side of dedicated one is that you have control over the security programs and as there is only one user, there are less viruses, spyware and malware. When this aspect is compared to share hosting, you are at a higher risk as there are many users.


  • Blacklist: Once you opt for the shared server you are more vulnerable to be blacklisted by the search engines. You may have to bear the result of the crime committed by others as the IP address is same for all those who are sharing the resources. This is never an issue for the dedicated server users.


The most important factor that decides your choice is definitely the budget. Windows Shared hosting server is definitely cheaper when compared to the windows dedicated hosting server.


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