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Google defines email hosting service as an Internet hosting service that operates email servers. They usually offer premium email as opposed to advertisement supported free email or free webmail. Therefore email hosting services differ from typical end-user email providers such as webmail sites.

What does Email Hosting Service Do?

Email hosting service providers manage security email authentication schemes like fitting, rerouting, user’s domain name and replication. Different email hosting providers offer various services and technology according to their target audience.

Which Email Hosting Service to Consider?

All businesses require a collaboration software and an email that keeps the administrative cost down and is efficient enough. But with an unlimited email hosting services in the market, it’s important to find the one which covers all your requirements and needs.


There are 5 things that should be considered when selecting an email service provider:

  • Storage and Archiving

Cluttered mailboxes decrease the productivity of business as a user needs to delete half of his messages to make a pathway for new inbox emails. And if by chance a crucial mail gets deleted, the agony is better left unsaid. The solution to this problem is a business hosting service that helps you in managing all your archived emails in the mailbox and provides you unlimited storage for archiving.

  • Compatibility and Flexibility

Employee productivity is very important in any business and no business owners can afford its backseat. That’s why it’s important to have an email provider that operates and allows enterprise-level syncing with a number of devices for any sort of on the go operations.

Also, it should be able to provide bundled benefits and bonuses to increase the growth rate of the business and meet its needs without having to change multiple email hosting services.

  • Security

The foremost concern while selecting a provider should be the security of your email hosting service. Any sort of negligence in security can cause monetary loss, unauthorized access, and data breaches. It is advisable to avoid free email hosting services, as they lack primary security features.

  • Availability

Email is indeed an important part of productivity of a business and mostly contains company data. Therefore it’s vital to choose a hosting service that ensures uptime of at least 99.9%. A trusted email hosting service providers work is to see that the email services are up and kicking and no glitches are present.

  • Operation and Administration

The good hosting service provider provides you with totally or nearly total assistance when required and control over your email environment.

One can also avail unlimited email hosting services which provide unlimited FTP accounts and unlimited domain and many more features.

Since technology in our world is ever evolving, your email services should become better and better day by day. It’s essential to find a forward-thinking email hosting service provider that keeps on improving its services. Eventually, you’ll realize that you have made the best choice.


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The Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting for E-Commerce

When it comes to business hosting services, Windows VPS hosting plays an important part. Most of the private and public servers use Linux but businessmen claim that Windows hosting provides them with more advantages, easier to use and the frequent updates given by Microsoft makes the maintenance of servers easy.

Windows VPS package is the highly recommended package for the people who are running E-Commerce site. It is the best E-Commerce hosting server with innumerable advantages. Linux hosting also supports eCommerce system but Windows makes the hosting process easier and offers various advantages.


Benefits of Windows VPS Hosting Servers for E-Commerce Website

Reliability and Stability

Website is the primary requirement for an online shopping site and it is important that the website is stable. E-Commerce sites have some millions of visits everyday and the hosting server should be able to handle such visits without any hassle. Crashing down of the site or getting struck are some of the problems that the website face every day. But having a reliable server hosting operating system will make it easy for you to operate and maintain the website. Windows VPS server is more reliable and stable when compared to the Linux server. It can handle the visits to the website without any fuss.

Great Features

There is a lot of difference between normal website and an online shopping site. The E-Commerce sites require good amount of graphics and also large storage capacity to store complete data related to the products. More disk space, unlimited bandwidth is important for E-commerce sites and the Windows server provides them.

Technical Support

It is very important to have required technical support for your E-Commerce website so that you can have the support all the time if the website is facing any problem. The technical support must be given for you all the time by the server provider. Windows servers have active technical help and on top of that they also provide the customer with automatic updates whenever needed.

Provides More Control on Website

When you opt for Windows VPS Hosting, you will be provided with the root access which is very essential. You can install any software package that you require and there is no need to wait for the web hosting supplier to perform the task.

These are some of the advantages of Windows VPS hosting server over Linux. To get the most out of the Windows hosting services, contact Hostjinni, the best web hosting company.


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Importance of Web Hosting for Small Business Owners

Today, we find that many small companies carrying out successful trade transactions online. Whether small or big, every business owner believes that it is essential to select the best web hosting provider as his online business is dependent on the company website to create the sales needed to make a business successful. VPS hosting is allowed for small businesses, with Linux VPS hosting majorly preferred.


Some Benefits of Adopting Web Hosting are:

  • Secure and Protect Your Website

However small your business may be, there is always a threat of hackers, viruses or malware attacks, to the security of your website. These threats may entirely wipe out the database of your website which can result in the loss of various records and other important information needed by your business to operate. Select a web hosting provider which offers your website reliable online security.

  • Website Speed

Since most of your trade transactions are done online, it is very important to have a good website speed. A visitor judges the speed of the website within a few seconds. If he has to wait for your site to load for more than a couple of seconds, he will lose faith in your website and move on.

  • Website Downtime

A web hosting provider helps you avoid website downtimes that can cause the loss of your sales. When a website goes down due to maintenance or other problems, visitors have no access to your website and will look for an alternative site so your business will lose a potential customer. Frequent downtimes have a negative impact on the image of your website. The right web hosting provider will make certain that your website is always available to visitors.

  • Provide 24 / 7 Support to Your Website

Having a website for your business means that your company operates 24/7. Although you may have taken precautions to ensure that your website runs smoothly, you may face problems that will affect the performance of the website. Choosing a web hosting provider with a reliable 24/7 customer support team will make sure that any problems with the website will be handled efficiently.


Although Web Hosting is not the only decision you make while putting up a small business it is an important factor that has an impact on the visitors to your website. A good tip would be to adopt Linux based VPS hosting as it is easier to configure and safe as well.

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