Affordable Dedicated Web hosting Server

Want to have complete control over the server and get out of the shared web hosting servers, then the right choice for you is HostJinni. The best Web hosting Service in India will get you the complete control over the server for you. Dedicated Web Hosting Server is preferred by those people who need high-performance servers.

If you are in search for more power over the server then you should pick the dedicated web hosting server for all sort of your business web hosting requirement. Here are the advantages of dedicated web hosting server provided by HostJinni that you must be aware of.

No sharing of resources

In dedicated web hosting, a complete server will be rented by a client from the host provider. He is the exclusive user who can use all the features of the server. There is no need of sharing the resources provided by the server. There are options to choose Linux Dedicated web hosting server or windows dedicated web hosting server.

Server Flexibility

A dedicated server provides the clients with the flexibility that he needs. The server can be changed according to the requirements of the client. He can personalize the various features of the server like CPU, RAM and disk space. A dedicated hosting gives the flexibility to the customers to customize the server as he needs.

Enhanced Security and Performance

A shared web hosting is suitable for low or medium traffic website, slow loading of the web pages is a problem in shared hosting. But in dedicated hosting the security and the high traffic can be managed without any hassle.

Unique Dedicated IP Address

Each server has unique IP address but with shared web hosting the IP address is also shared with other sites. So having a dedicated web hosting service will give you an option of having your own and unique IP address.


The sites hosted using dedicated web hosting can be upgraded without any fuss. It is easy to upgrade and maintain the sites. If you are planning to get a dedicated web server for your site, then don’t waste your time and get in touch with HostJinni.

With our best in class staff, we offer the best hosting service to satisfy your business needs. Bring your business online and get the recognition that deserves with our amazing web hosting packs. There are awesome deals provided by HostJinni, pick the right one that suits your requirement and get your own server in simple steps

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Linux Cloud Server Web Hosting Services

Cloud is the most advanced technology that enables users to save data on a virtual server. We provide best web service which is resizable as well as secured computer capacity in the cloud. We designed Linux cloud server hosting to make it easier for the developers. There is no need for you to pay any extra amount for the cloud. The clouds are resizable and can be used according to the user’s requirement. All you have to do is pay for what resources you use. When you don’t use the cloud, you can pause it for some time and no additional charges will be taken from you.

Completely Controlled and Elastic Cloud Server Hosting

Users get complete control over the cloud server hosting without any third party requirement. You get access to the console output and the instances can be rebooted instantly. You can increase or decrease the size of the cloud easily in some seconds. It isn’t a time consuming process and can be carried out very easily. CPU space, speed, RAM, operating system template, cores are chosen by the customer according to their requirement. The cloud is completely customizable according to the requirement of the users.

Reliable Cloud Hosting

We offer highly reliable ecommerce Linux cloud hosting server for our users. The replacement instances can be commissioned both predictably and rapidly. The hosting runs in our certified network and this ensures our customers that their cloud is in safe hands and there won’t be any harm occurring to it. We know that sometimes people commit errors and it is beyond anyone’s limit, which is why we provide Cloud Disaster Recovery that helps in recovering the data present in the cloud if any disasters happen. This feature is made available for free to our customers to ensure that they have peace of mind and relaxation without worrying about their cloud.

Secured Cloud Hosting

Security is the main threat in virtual clouds, but there is no need for our customers to worry about security anymore. Our first priority is security and we travel an extra mile to protect our customers with best secured cloud to store the data. We designed our linux cloud server to meet the to meet the highest security sensitive organizations, so you can trust us with your cloud. We provide robust networking functionality and security for our virtual network to ensure peace of mind for our customers.

Super Fast Cloud Computing

In this high speed generation, it is important for people to have quickness in everything they do. Keeping this thought in mind, we designed our cloud hosting VPS to be as quick as it can. We make sure that our customers get the page load faster so that they don’t need to waste their valuable time. Our super fast and reliable cloud hosting will provide them with best results which help in increasing the SEO rankings on Google. Choose our hosting service to witness the tremendous quickness in the loading of the pages. Our team will leave no stone unturned to provide you with the best service.

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Choosing Shared Hosting for Your Business Website

While making a choice for the best shared hosting service, it becomes quite tricky to opt for the most perfect one as there are several web hosting companies in the market. Each company has its own specific variations making it quite difficult for the user to choose a specific hosting plan for their website. It often seems like you need to hire an IT professional for choosing the correct shared hosting plan.

Single Domain Hosting @ INR 108 Unlimited Shared Hosting @ INR 833

Well, to sort out this issue, we are here with five key points which can help you to determine and choose the most appropriate shared hosting company for your Website.

  • Knowing the necessity: Before picking up the right hosting plan, you should be clear about the basic requirements of the website- the kind of website, its related resources, approximate number of people who will be visiting the site regularly.
  • Checking if the hosting plan provides ease in working is also important. Most people opt for windows shared web hosting because it is easy to use. So, try opting for a web hosting company which provides you easy and hassle-free working environment with easy updates at an affordable price.
  • Comparing the features of the Hosting plan: This is the most important part of the process because different web hosting company provide different sets of features. So, it is important to know about the related features of the hosting plan- whether it provides unlimited bandwidth usage, a number of domains which are planning the host if the hosting plan includes free email options and usage of external software.After checking these common points, try to analyze the additional features which the web hosting company provides in its plan. However, try to focus on the features you basically need and avoid getting caught up in the length of the list because some features may be useless for you.
  • Careful analysis of Prices: Try to opt for a shared hosting plan which provides you best features related to your website at an affordable price. Try taking up price quote from the company and then comparing plans on the basis of the price and features provided.
  • Easy to use: The control panel provided by the shared hosting provider to manage the server of your website needs to be a user-friendly Majority web hosting company provide industry standard options like cPanel and Plesk as their control panel.However, there are a few companies provide their own proprietary control panels which are quite tricky to use. So, make sure you check the kind of control panel the company is providing with its shared hosting plan.
  • Reputation: Before opting for a particular web hosting plan, checkout the company’s reputation. You can go through the online reviews of the professionals and then choose the most highly rated web hosting india. This also helps you to get proper uptime guarantees and a much user-friendly platform with assured features at an affordable

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Benefits of VPS Web Hosting

Premium eCommerce Server @ INR 3333 Premium Windows Server @ INR 4333

LINUX web hosting

For a few years now for small to large business, Linux VPS hosting has become the most preferred hosting solution. If you are wondering VPS stands for Virtual Private Server a and is the ultimate solution when you are looking for bridging the gap between the shared hosting problems as the flexibility that you get with dedicated server hosting.

With a single physical server, it actually helps in allowing a door for multiple servers within it. Thus you would be totally differentiated from your neighbouring virtual server and would be able to work yourself and get help as an integrated networked server. The most popular benefit that you get to enjoy with web hosting is that you get to be on a level as similar to a dedicated server and that at a price which is relevant to a shared web hosting. Here you would get to know about some of the noteworthy benefits.

  • Root Access and Management: Root access would give you the freedom to set up and look at your configurations and would grant you complete control over your VPS account. All of these, you would be able to handle from the interface with the control panel application.
  • Like a dedicated Windows VPS hosting, it would also ask you to understand and manage your own server. This would give you the freedom to operate your operating system in the right way. But if you require administrative tasks to be done, you could also ask for customized help, and if you think you lack the technical use, this would be invaluable to you.
  • Monitoring of the Server: When you go for a reliable Linux VPS server, it would actually monitor its network actively so that you face no hurdles while you are working. It would also check the hardware on which your network relies upon. Also, it would save you from the malicious threats around the virtual world like hackers, malicious software, as well as attacks by the DDoS.
  • Having your own allotment of resources would help you to enjoy faster load and upload time. This also provides you with greater disk space, RAM and also CPU. And with all these, you get the freedom to choose the system you want to operate with. And the software you want to install for your server.
  • Hosting of Multiple Domain: When you go for shared web hosting, you do not always get enough resources to enjoy a smooth performance though it provides you with multiple domain hosting. Thus if you are looking for a smooth and without a glitch performance, then going for Windows VPS server hosting would be beneficial for you. For each separate site, you get the like to set up a different email account and also have separate resources.
  • Management of Data Backup: With VPS web hosting, you get the chance to backup your data. There is always a possibility of something happening to the provider’s network, and therefore it is always a recommendation that you go for manual backup to backup data so that it could be restored at anytime you want.

These are some of the advantages of VPS web hosting.

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